16-18 July 2018 | Boston




BioreclamationIVT: Exhibitor

BioreclamationIVT is a worldwide provider of biological products to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations. We specialize in control and disease state matrices manufactured from human blood, plasma and serum, which are used in drug discovery, compound development, clinical and research diagnostics. Other matrices collected include: CSF, sputum, synovial fluid, urine, pap smears, FFPE and flash frozen diseased tissues. Matched oncology sets of tumor, normal adjacent tissue and metastasized lymph nodes are available.

To complement our existing Disease State portfolio, BioreclamationIVT recently acquired the distribution rights to Cellaria’s novel cancel cell lines and cancer culture media.  Designed to accelerate cancer research, the Cellaria cell models are derived directly from patient tumors with fully consented, fully documented pathological data. A unique feature of the cell models is their ability to maintain the fidelity of primary cells, with no genetic manipulation, while still offering the long-term reproducibility and scalability seen with traditional tumor cell lines.  Cellaria’s innovative products and services help lead the research community to more personalized therapeutics – revolutionizing and accelerating the search for a cure.