16-18 July 2018 | Boston

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We aim to accelerate precision medicine-focused drug discovery by building communities and software platforms for the users and providers of translational models, genomics data and related services. Our first commercial product, the Repositive Cancer Models Platform, provides a single secure portal for oncology researchers to discover, understand and access a diverse range of preclinical oncology models and services from multiple providers.

Starting with an initial release supporting PDX models, the Repositive Cancer Models Platform will expand stepwise to encompass all popular oncology model types, including CDX, syngeneic and humanized in vivo models as well as 3D culture systems. Researchers can identify models by anonymously and securely querying complex molecular data, including mutations, gene fusions, gene expression , and CNVs. Enhanced search and model comparability is achieved through the standardization of analyses and metadata on a wide range of models from multiple providers.