Aaron Goldman

Aaron Goldman

Company: Harvard Medical School

Job title: Instructor in Medicine and Associate Bioengineer


Aaron is a faculty member and Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Breast Cancer Alliance Young Investigator and Associate Bioengineer in the Division of Engineering in Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. As the Director of the Drug Resistance Group at BWH, Aaron’s team focuses on cancer drug resistance using various tumor models and interdisciplinary science to address therapy failure. Aaron has also held leadership positions in industry including his recent role as the Director of R&D and Head of Immuno-Oncology at Farcast Biosciences, a company focused on personalized cancer medicine diagnostics.


Multidisciplinary Science Elucidates Drug Resistance in Cancer: Integration of Mathematics & Tumor Models 4:30 pm

• Methods to integrate the entirety of the tumor ecosystem to interrogate drug resistance • Blending ex vivo and in vivo models with computational biology to understand how anti-cancer drugs drive tumor resistance • Utilizing stochastic, deterministic, systems biology and game theory models to uncover novel biological behavior • Validating mechanistic biology and confirming efficacy…Read more

day: Day One

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