Courtney Anderson

Courtney Anderson

Company: AstraZeneca

Job title: Senior Scientist


Courtney Andersen is a Senior Scientist in the In Vivo Bioscience group at AstraZeneca in Boston.  In her current role, Courtney supports oncology drug discovery programs and is a core member of the preclinical combinations team.  She has experience with various in vivo tumor models, including disseminated patient-derived xenograft models, and ex vivo culture systems.

Courtney began her career at AZ as a postdoc studying mechanisms of acquired drug resistance.  She holds PhD in Molecular Pharmacology from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where her research focused on hormone receptor signaling in ovarian cancer.


Panel Discussion: Tissue Sample Heterogeneity – Utilizing Cell Lines to Ensure Minimal Tumor Variation & Promote Clinical Efficacy 10:10 am

• Explore how to harness cell lines to tackle the challenges surrounding cancer heterogeneity • Produce a framework of how to overcome target resistance to produce an efficacious therapyRead more

day: Day Two

Harnessing Disseminated PDX Models to Advance Drug Discovery for Hematologic Cancers 9:10 am

• Understanding how disease progresses in different tissues in disseminated models • Recapitulating the bone marrow niche ex vivo to inform in vivo study design • Employing PDX models to identify clinically actionable combinationsRead more

day: Day Two

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