16-18 July 2018 | Boston


Continued advances in understanding tumorigenesis and development have rapidly evolved the treatment paradigm. However, more and more therapeutics are being thrust into the clinic lacking robust and rational preclinical and translational validation. Unsurprisingly, attrition rates for cancer have remained appallingly high.

For the last 6 years the Tumor Models Conference has sat at the interface of innovation in model development and therapeutic application. It continues to serve as an open and collaborative platform enabling pharmaceutical scientists, model developers and academicians to explore recent advances in the range of in vitro and in vivo models being utilized for preclinical assessment and enhancing confidence in clinical translation of cancer research.

Building upon the presentations and discussions presented in 2017, this year a greater focus will be given to exploring:

  1. New insights into how preclinical models are being utilized to better understand the fundamental role of the TME in altering drug response, efficacy and metabolism
  2. A spotlight on how the industry has been selecting and characterizing models to optimize their application in preclinical and translational decision process
  3. Greater focus on rationally modeling next-generation combination therapies to overcome sensitivity and resistance
  4. A greater exploration of how new technologies are bridging the In Vitro- In Vivo gap to incorporate tissue/patient level responses

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“This was a nice meeting with a good sized group of participants that made it easy to choose to both sit back and soak it all in or to meet one-on-one for in-depth discussions”

- Past Tumor Models Series Attendee, Agilux Laboratories

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