About Event

The Tumor Models Conference Series is dedicated to exploring the latest advances in the application of preclinical models to enhance the translation and predictability of cancer therapies from bench to patient.

  • Be part of the discussion into progression into next generation preclinical models.
  • Meet a the leaders from a multidisciplinary background, from translation, pharmacology, physiology and many more
  • Share your successes with the preclinical oncology community – and learn from your peers
  • Assess how the industry is overcoming challenges in drug development through harnessing in vitro & in vivo models
  • Understand the importance of classical models and the integration within 3D models and organoids
  • The 3-day agenda, designed with the input of 40+ leading oncology leaders, will strive to answer your burning questions in terms of model and target validation, translatability and predictability
  • Join over 120 attendees from 80 organizations from various backgrounds such as academia, industry and model providing services and define the future of cancer drug development

Composition of audience for PREDiCT: Tumor Models Boston 2020

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