Partnership Opportunities

Why Partner?

The Tumor Models For Combination Targeted Oncology Summit brings together a selected senior preclinical oncology audience and speaker faculty to benchmark against best tumor model practice and vendor screening.

With 10 years of Tumor Models Boston summits behind us, we are looking to build on our knowledge and continue to ensure this is your flagship definitive and must-attend meeting. This is your chance to exhibit, showcase and elevate your services and capabilities to our carefully selected elite room full of experts.

With a focus on targeted combination oncology, your existing and potential customers are attending this year to discuss key preclinical and translatable challenges. Understanding that monotherapies are simply not enough, thought leaders are looking for long term partners in:

Software – from bioinformatics to spatial biology, your customers are looking to maximize the use of their combinations to help improve translatability towards precision medicine. From understanding genomics, spatial analysis and the tumor microenvironment.

Model Developers – with models from organoids, brain-on-a-chip, mouse models, scientists are looking to identify trusted partners and which models to select for the most predictive readouts prior to first-in-human studies

Biomarker Assays – translational biomarker identification is important for scientists to guide patient stratification in clinical programs

Imaging – helping drug developers to understand the distribution, mechanisms of disease, and tumor biology to give a deeper understanding of the mouse model requirement

PKPD Analysis – with the important need to yield an understanding of drug action, PKPD analysis is essential to identify dose concentration

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