Partnership Opportunities


Running in locations worldwide including Shanghai, Japan, San Francisco, Boston & London, the PREDiCT - Tumor Models Series has created a global network of preclinical and translational scientists actively seeking to advance their early stage research through the better use of current and emerging model systems.

For the last 7 years, the meeting series has helped a variety of leading preclinical CRO’s, model developers and other service providers connect with and build valuable business relationships and collaborations with our continually budding network.

PREDiCT: Tumor Models Boston is an exclusive environment for service providers to capitalize on their target market by demonstrating their expertise to a pre-qualified audience in order to achieve their business objectives. Additionally, the conference uniquely provides you with a focused look at the challenges and opportunities preclinical scientists are facing. In keeping with its unrivalled depth of focus, we are looking to partner with a select group of service providers with the credibility to support the preclinical and translational oncology community.

Spex 11015
  • Benefit from Market Intelligence – Explore preclinical in vivo model advances, alongside the opportunity to identify the current and future preclinical needs of biopahrmaceutical companies.
  • Raise Brand Awareness  & Position Yourself as an Industry Thought Leader – Demonstrate your expertise by showcasing your technology solutions alongside 35+ preclinical and translational oncology heads from leading pharma and biotech’s
  • Meet and Network with Industry Pioneers – Meet prospective clients through group sessions such as a Hosted Lunch, dinner or workshop.


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