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Part of the PREDiCT series, the 7th Annual Tumor Models Boston summit continues to act as the focal point for preclinical and translational scientists looking to improve their early stage candidate decision making. Joining us for the 7th year, pharmaceutical scientists, academics and model developers will gather this July to meet their peers and share their pre-clinical work. Together, we will actively seek to improve our tumor models, which will help you understand your molecule and refine your strategies to enter clinical trials with a higher success rate.

  • 35+ Preclinical & Translational Oncology Heads, each pioneering the further development and application of experimental models, will be sharing the latest insights on the impact of their work.
  • For 3 days, 100+ senior level scientists are set to review the comparative cost-per-data point of next generation models alongside classical model-systems.
  • We’ll explore how classical and emerging models are evolving efficacy determination, biomarker discovery and combination therapies, allowing you to further develop your research and gain the best insight of the industry.


Tackling core challenges at heart of oncology & IO R&D, key themes to be explored at the 7th Annual PREDiCT: Tumor Models Boston summit include:

"Excellent Tumor Models meeting that was very well attended. Great program, speakers and panelists, which made for productive discussions, networking and exchange of ideas."

- Genentech

"It was a great chance to learn about new research from colleagues and new vendor offerings to support the research-well worthwhile."

- Oxford BioTherapeutics

Rationally Designing Combination Therapies to Enhance Immunotherapeutic Response: Explore nonclinical approaches to overcome development challenges with presentations from Dicerna & Takeda


Which Model,
Why and When
Hear presentations
from Tesaro and Kleo Pharmaceuticals
on how they’ve been selecting and characterizing available models to support translation towards the clinic


Modeling the Tumor Microenvironment to Enhance Clinical Effectiveness Understand the biological crosstalk within the TME between immunosuppressive factors and immune cells with insights from Novartis & Pharmatest


Identifying Strategies to Mitigate Therapeutic Resistance
Leave with actionable takeaways on models supporting AstraZeneca’s therapeutic efforts


Additive Tools Enhancing the Predictive Power of Models
Hear how CRISPR, Imaging and High content approaches are providing new depths of insights for researchers at
MD Andserson, NIH and GSK