Enhance Your Predictability & Clinical Translatability of Novel Combination, Targeted Therapies with Safety & Efficacy in Mind

From Leveraging Emerging Predictive Technologies to Engineering a Human-Physiologically Relevant Models – Deepen Our Understanding of Tumor Biology, Resistance Mechanisms & Dosing Strategy

Following the success of KRAS, HER2, BCMA, drug developers have seen a new wave of novel, combination targeted oncology surging through pipeline. The industry has reached an inflection point on establishing the benefits that a ‘community of drugs’ can offer to realize improved preclinical efficacy into the clinic. Translatability remains a key bottleneck with existing models’ limitations – from tumor biology to dose-scheduling, from biomarker identification to safety – these are top priorities for the preclinical and translational scientists to overcome in 2022.

In July, the 10th Tumor Models For Combination Targeted Oncology summit will finally return to the city. In July, the summit will unite 130+ Principal Preclinical and Translational Scientists to share their challenges and ideas for new strategies to perform their studies, equipping you with the right tools to maximize your clinical confidence and ensure patient’s safety.

  • Assess current model limitations and emerging trends to drive clinical success
  • Optimize technologies to support pre-clinical model progress for better clinical predictions
  • Tackle metastasis: modeling, prevention, and treatment
  • Incorporate the TME, immune system, and stromal compartment in your preclinical models
  • Tackle drug resistance and explore next-gen resistance models for better therapeutics interventions

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