Extrapolate Robust Translational Insights to Guide Clinical Decisions by Assessing Your Drug’s Mechanism-of-Action, Proving Candidate’s Safety & Accurately Modelling Drug Efficacy

With commitments to advancing your preclinical and translational oncology research, we are delighted to bring the 9th annual PREDiCT: Tumor Models Cell Therapy Summit to your screens in July.

See best-in-class tumor models and how they can be effectively utilized to model the tumor microenvironment and further your MoA understanding for new cell therapies.

Learn to improve your translational and clinical confidence through the use of models to answer critical safety and efficacy questions, predict toxicity and optimize dosing for patients.

Whether you work in early discovery or late development, there is something for all non-clinical professionals with two dedicated tracks: one focused on preclinical modelling and one looking at translational studies.

Below are a few highlights you won't want to miss!

  • Novartis share how to use a simple xenograft model to effectively assess CAR-T efficacy
  • AstraZeneca shows how to guide innovative clinical trials for cell therapies using preclinical data
  • Takeda discuss how to leverage single-cell analytics to understand the complexities of the tumor microenvironment
  • Harvard Medical School share how they use multiple tumor models to advance NK cell therapies

Get involved! Our scientific poster sessions will be returning this year so you can share your latest advances and be apart of the conversation.

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