Accelerating the Translational Race Through the Clinic with
Innovative Model Platforms

Over the last 12 months, we have seen many combination therapies enter Phase I and II trials with both successes and challenges, particularly in solid tumors. The FDA Modernization Act 2.0 passing has also steered biopharma away from animal models, empowering the preclinical and translational tumor models’ space to continue innovating and decrease the translational gap into the clinic.

At the 11th Annual Tumor Models Boston Summit, you will gain practical insights into the latest updates through 30+ case studies across 2 dedicated tracks. Join us to learn from and meet pioneers in preclinical and translational targeted, combination oncology to advance your candidates to patients with optimized translatability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness!

Your World Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Emmett Schmidt

Vice President


Antje Margret Wenger

Head of Immuno Ocology

Bayer AG

Carlos Gil del Alcazar

Lab Head


Sam Chatterjee

Translational Scientist, Cell Therapy


Aundrietta Duncan

Director, Non-Clinical Development

Salarius Pharmaceuticals

Yongxian Zhuang

Director, Cancer Pharmacology

Revolution Medicines

Doug Palmer

Executive Director, Immuno-Oncology Translational Medicine


Charles Lin

Senior Vice President

Kronos Bio

A Snapshot of What to Expect This Year:

pic 1

Amgen, Angiex, Salarius Pharmaceuticals and more reveal their model selection criteria dependent on cancer type to enable you to streamline your model selection process cost-effectively and time-efficiently

pic 2

Understand your next steps to overcome combination therapy failure in the clinic by using predictive models more efficiently with Merck

pic 4

Bayer AG demonstrate strategies for preclinical and clinical biomarker selection that will empower you to accurately predict drug combination success in patients

pic 5

Leverage new data from the immune system and tumor microenvironment to tackle tumor resistance with Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

pic 6

Xilio Therapeutics, Odyssey Therapeutics and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute dive deep through an interactive chat into bridging translatability towards patients