Pre-Conference Workshops

WORKSHOP A - 09.00am - 11.30am

Improving Translatability of Preclinical Models in Oncology for Faster Progression Into the Clinic

Key discussion points include:

• Exploring the challenges with producing optimal transferability of preclinical observations into human patients

• Deep dive into modelling specific attributes/hypotheses of different drug modalities and disease indications in preclinical studies.

• How can we leverage ex vivo cellular and next generation 3D organoid assays as models to aid transferability and decrease time spent in preclinical stages?

Workshop Leader 

Mithun Khattar Takeda

Mithun Khattar 
Scientist & Immuno-Oncology Lead

WORKSHOP B - 12.00pm - 3:00pm

Using Software to Tackle the In Vivo Reproducibility Crisis & Address the 3Rs

Key discussion points include:

• Exploring the impact of irreproducibility in pre-clinical in vivo research

• Discuss how irreproducibility can directly impact our ability to adhere to the three Rs

•  The importance of design thinking when implementing a solution aimed at improving reproducibility

• How Overwatch in vivo study management software can improve reproducibility  in your organization via the implementation of modern technologies

Workshop Leader 

Chris Armstrong

Chris Armstrong
Overwatch Research

WORKSHOP C - 3:30pm - 6:00pm

Preclinical Modeling of Cancer via MADR Single-Copy Somatic Transgenesis & CRISPR Genome Editing

Key discussion points include:

• Overview of novel genetic methodologies for rapid, autochthonous tumor modeling in both mice, primary cells, and organoids

• Strategies for combining single-copy somatic transgenesis with CRISPR genome editing to generate patient-derived mutation signatures in mouse models to accurately model clinical tumor subtypes in a “personalized” manner

•  Examples of preclinical studies investigating strategies to impede tumor growth and development by immunotherapy, metabolic targeting, and therapeutic mimicry

Workshop Leader


Joshua Breunig
Associate Professor, Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Center, Board of Governors Regenerative Medicine Institute, Department of Biomedical Sciences
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center